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🤸‍♀️Becoming Fit for Life #010: Traveling & Exercise

publishedabout 1 month ago
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This week month in building health!

I'm traveling in Europe- For 1 month!

My wife and I are taking a vacation for the next month.

As full time freelancers now, we aren't very good at taking breaks when we need to (it always feels like there's work to do). So this trip is a chance to slow down, enjoy ourselves and see some new things.

We'll be in Berlin for the next week, and then we'll drive down through Europe towards Barcelona.

I'll write and share things on health that come to mind, but I'll also take days off and enjoy my break!

I'm moving 4x more here- without even thinking about it

Back in the Philippines, cars are the only easy option for getting around. Public transportation is tough, and there are no good ways to walk around cities.

That means that I only get to move or exercise when I schedule it and make it a point to remember.

On the other hand, just being here in Berlin has made me more active. The city is set up in a way that makes it easy and convenient to walk to get from one place to another. Plus there are clear bike lanes if you want to get some exercise in while you're getting around town.

It's such a shame that more cities are not designed this way- especially back where I live in the Philippines.

When there are parks everywhere, and I can exercise anytime- for free

Down the street from where I'm staying there's also a nice park with all sorts of street fitness equipment.

It reminded me of this tweet I saw before:

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Mehdi Yacoubi
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May 17th 2022

Part of making health easy and accessible is not just to have gyms, yoga studios or spas all over the city.

Are there FREE options for people as well? Not everyone can afford memberships and clubs.

Is it safe to run? Are there any parks with equipment?

These things make a big difference too!

Having different diet options makes it easy to eat well

Another thing that I'm noticing in Berlin is how many options there are for food.

Do I feel like eating a lot of greens today? No problem- easy to find. Am I feeling more like having healthy meats? They've got that too

Over the last year, I've been putting so much work into understanding how food supply chains work, to get a better idea of what I'm putting into my body.

But imagine if I didn't have to do that anymore, because everything in the city was good for my body- by default

I'm reminded of this quote by Vitalik on Future Cities

Sure, you could individually insist on only eating at healthy restaurants, and research each restaurant carefully before you go there.
But it's just so much easier to have a defined plot of land where you have an assurance that anywhere you go within that plot of land will meet your standards.
Of course, you could lobby your local government to tighten health and safety regulations

Berlin isn't perfect at it, but the contrast to my previous experience make it stand out.

I'd love to keep thinking about designing healthier homes and cities

I don't see myself uprooting and moving to another city and country anytime soon. (I love the Philippines too much)

But seeing how things work in other places makes me wonder and brainstorm how I would design something like this for my own home.

How can I make movement, wellness, good food, and connectedness to our body built in to the Philippines' lifestyle? What about into Asian lifestyles? What about into your unique home environment?

I think it's a fun puzzle to explore.

Thanks for reading.

Be well this weekend,