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🤸‍♀️Becoming Fit for Life #011: Travel, Rituals, Places

published4 days ago
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This week in building health

Has it been 4 weeks already? That really flew by.

Traveling for one month was great! And it's my first time taking that break during my work as a coach- I learned a lot about myself over the past month too.

Here are a few realizations I had in the last 4 weeks:

One month isn't going to set you back

Both in work and health, I was worried about losing 4 weeks.

In the first few days I tried to stay busy and active. I squeezed in work in the mornings. I went to parks to work out.

But after 2 days, I wasn't feeling very good.

I had to remind myself that I need to stop thinking like an athlete. I'm not trying to hit any personal bests TODAY. I can think long term and set goals for the next 2, 5, even 10 years.

Going easy for one month is not the end of the world.

You're active enough as a tourist

Here's the thing: I don't need to go out of your way to find time to workout when I'm traveling.

If you're already walking around a lot and exploring your surroundings, you're getting plenty of activity.

And as a bonus, your brain is active and engaged too.

So, next time you're feeling guilty about skipping a workout while on vacation, just remember that you're actually getting plenty of exercise without even trying.

When you need it, your body will ask for it

There was one time that I ended up sneaking in a bit more exercise during the trip.

Why did I do it? Because I could feel my body wanted it.

We had spent the day doing a lot of walking, but when we got back to our hotel, I felt that my body was still craving movement.

So I went back out and looked for a park where I could mess around and play. No reps or sets, no weights. Just moving till my body felt good.

+ Health goes beyond body

Okay, I gained some weight. I ate A LOT on holiday.

But I also had a wonderful time. I was not stressed or (too) anxious. I felt present each day and got to connect with so many friends (both new and old)

I would argue that I did MORE for my health by finding the time to take a break and explore new things.

Like I said above, I have the whole year to practice my habits and routines.

It's good to take a full rest too!

my favorite health things this week

Make your health enjoyable and fun (article)

I spoke to a friend on the road whose whole purpose for staying healthy was to be able to travel. I reminded me of this article on enjoyment.

Here's a quote

I enjoy going to the gym, because I know that my voluntary effort will improve my body and health. But it usually isn’t very pleasant, because it is strenuous and often even physically painful.

Health should be linked to something that's important to you

Don't Create Habits, Create Rituals (article)

Here's a different take on building habits:

Habits are things we do that get so ingrained in us they become automatic. They don’t need much effort or awareness.
Rituals on the other hand are intentional and done with focus. Making a hot cup of tea, taking an evening walk, doing a daily crossword puzzle — there are so many simple rituals that can ground us and give us comfort and joy.

While it's not saying habits are bad, it does suggest that they don't really make you happy. I think it's more of:

Habits = productive, automatic, efficient

Rituals = intentional, meaningful, purposeful

How your environment affects your feelings (article)

Traveling has really emphasized for me the importance of choosing your places well.

I know myself well enough to know that I'm happiest in slow paced, quieter environments. I like hikes, I like nature, and I like provincial green spaces.

So between traveling in the city & traveling in the countryside, I had a much better time in the later.

Thanks for reading.

Be well this weekend,